Friday, February 12, 2010

The only couple I ever rooted for

Here, I pay homage to Harold and Maude, starring Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort, and featuring the tiniest little cameo by Cyril Cusack, and a hilarious performance by Vivian Pickles. I must start off by saying I am rather an unromantic sort... so the only romantic pairing I've ever been totally smitten with is that of Harold and Maude. It's an unconventional couple. Here you have a young man, obsessed with death, who falls for this exceedingly vivacious, mischievous, elderly woman, obsessed with life. It's just the most delightful film to watch, and the only movie I like from the 1970s that isn't an animated Disney film. I'd classify it as a dark romantic comedy. It is sweet, without being sappy. It is quirky as anything, but that's just one of the charms of the film. It opens with this rather extraordinarily long continuous shot, which has always fascinated me. The relationship between Harold and Maude is a wonderful one... that of someone with many years of extraordinary experiences under her belt, imparting her wisdom to a young, inexperienced man. She opens his eyes to how wonderful life is, and how to live it to its fullest.
And who wouldn't be captivated by a cougar like Maude! lol... nothing says May-December romance quite like a 60-year age difference! :D This movie is a wonderful little look at love and life, and what it all can be. Uplifting, darkly comedic, at times a little sad, and even romantic, Harold and Maude seems to have it all. Additionally, it's all set to the backdrop of a Cat Stevens soundtrack... I don't think it gets better than that! :D So, if you're a cynic like myself, and romance turns your stomach a little, perhaps give Harold and Maude a try... it's refreshing.


Noiree said...

I love your choice of Harold and Maude for the Sweet Romance page. I think, though, that this choice belies your assertion that you are cynic. Beneath its wonderful quirkiness, the message of Harold and Maude is that real love conquers all, and that to be able share real love is what makes life worth living. Thank you for a great contribution to page.

PurpleLion said...

The first time I viewed Harold and Maude, I must have been experiencing a bad day because it drove me bananas! I have now seen it a couple more times and see it for the sweet love story that it is. It's also a testament to being open to something completely different.

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